Who we are looking for
We seek people who love what they do and strive for excellence without compromise to standards that they set for themselves, who work to tackle core issues at hand, and always contemplate new ways to better improve whatever may come. The slightest problem or curiosity does not go untouched and continuous attempts are made to better the output and environment.
How we work
Our company respects the different backgrounds and ideas of all our members and encourages horizontal communication. Active sharing of information, opinions, and feedback leads to excellence. Every member is given full authority and responsibility needed to accomplish what they strive for. We encourage everyone to actively expand their area of work to grow and aspire for success.
How we see each other
We work together believing that we will succeed together—the “Win Together” mindset. We sincerely believe in and identify with the company’s mission and vision, and unconditionally cooperate to reach our collective goal. We encourage constructive differences of opinion and we strive to steer our courageous and bold discussions towards productive conclusions.
What is the
‘Win Together Program’?
The Win Together Program is our onboarding process based on the HYBE DNA. This program aims to develop a close understanding of HYBE’s core values of passion, autonomy, and trust. It aims to create opportunities for new members to adapt quickly, spark communication with colleagues, and grow with positive synergy. All existing members and leader are obligated to actively support the onboarding of new members, during which time the company must clearly convey essential information and roles that new members must know, and share feedback for their adaptation. Upon joining the company, new members receive a separate onboarding mission to experience the HYBE DNA through the advice and feedback of their leader and colleagues. This program comes to a conclusion with a Win Together Meeting with a team leader. Though the recommended onboarding period is six months, members who are ready for a Win Together Meeting may end their onboarding period early, after discussion with their leader.
What is the
‘Win Together Meeting’?
The Win Together Meeting takes place when onboarding members are ready to have a sincere conversation with team leaders about the fulfillments and overall experiences they’ve felt during their onboarding period. Constructive opinions are exchanged regarding the areas that need improving for the betterment of the company, and the ways members work and cooperate in HYBE DNA’s perspective. This meeting is not merely an evaluation but a process to help new members understand how to work and communicate with corporate culture to produce meaningful output.
Salaries (remuneration), work engagement, policies, and systems are all applied equally.
Six months is the recommended period during which members get a chance to work with various departments to gain the
necessary experience to understand corporate culture and the way people work, on top of understanding the scope of their own work.
Depending on the readiness of the individual, if the new onboarding member is believed to have finished the onboarding process prior to the full extent of six months, the member can request and carry out a Win Together Meeting early, upon approval from their leader.
With the exception of less than 3% of new onboarding members, most have successfully completed the Win Together Program and are happily working as part of our team.
What’s more, we actively support new members to settle into their new workplace by giving feedback from leader and colleagues in many forms throughout the duration of the program.
The Win Together Program has been evolving ever since its advent in 2018.
Continuously improving in the pursuit of better ways and results is also part of HYBE's DNA, so once the program is over,
we receive feedback from the participants on their satisfaction and areas of improvement regarding the program. With this feedback,
we implement improvements to provide better experiences in the future.
The following are excerpts from the members’ responses to the feedback survey.
Not only have members given opinions on areas that need improvement, but they also shared a positive experience from this program.

“Having time to think about my future that lies ahead at this company was great.” (October 2020 participant)
“It was a helpful process that further deepened my understanding of the company.” (November 2020 participant)
“I liked how they listened closely to the challenges I encountered while working and the feedback they gave me.” (February 2021 participant)
“Selling your accomplishments is important, too, but I had the chance to listen to some feedback on ways I could overcome my shortcomings that I previously could not overcome on my own.” (September 2020 participant)
“I had a chance to think back on what I should do and what I want to do.” (October 2020 participant)
“I thought this was just an evaluation of some sort, but it was surprisingly a very meaningful experience being able to lay the advantages and shortcomings of the company at its current state on the table and seek ways to improve and further detail the direction to take in the future.” (November 2020 participant)
HYBE Town Hall Meeting
The town hall meeting is HYBE’s main company-wide event, where all members gather together for an in-person meeting held twice a year. At the town hall meeting, we share major company events, introduce our teams, check up on the goals we set during the last town hall, and freely exchange our thoughts and ideas.
HYBE Online Town Hall
The HYBE online town hall is HYBE's online real-time event, where the CEO responds directly to all members diverse opinions and questions of HYBE's business on regular basis. By encouraging our members to express their thoughts freely and horizontally, we are working together to create a better, more productive work environment with unhindered flow of information.
HYBE Culture Day
HYBE’s official “party day!”
As a company that drives industry trends, we give our members time to recharge and experience cultural content. On this day, just focus on enjoying a day of fun activities with your colleagues.
Chat with the ‘Hitman’
A chat time where we share HYBE's vision, entertainment business knowledge, life at HYBE and other various topics between chairman Bang Si-Hyuk and HYBE members. Representing HYBE's corporate culture program where we practice horizontal communication and create a close connection with HYBE founder and chairman Bang Si-Hyuk and various teams.
HYBE MatchnMeet
HYBE MatchnMeet is a random meeting program where a diverse set of members, regardless of their position, work, or department, get together in small groups for a meal or tea. We encourage collaboration and strive to enhance the understanding and intimacy among our members by providing an opportunity for members that don’t normally have a chance to work together to make a connection.
Cheers Day
On Cheers Day, all HYBE and family company members gather to celebrate and appreciate our achievements. We take this day to officially applaud members who have worked on projects that have garnered excellent results based on the HYBE DNA of “Passion, Autonomy, Trust”