Hiring process
STEP 1 Résumé screening
Hiring Manager will read through your application and résumé.
STEP 2 Initial interview
You will be interviewed by
the hiring manager on the abilities, skills, and experience required for the particular position.
*You may be given an assignment or test depending on the position you are applying for.
STEP 3 Cultural fit interview
In this interview, we will be mutually making sure HYBE's method of work agrees with your expectations.
STEP 4 Leader interview
You will be interviewed by the leader of the division in your position, sharing our company’s vision and exploring your potential fit into the position.
STEP 5 Negotiation/Final offer
Within those who have passed the résumé screening and interview process, this is the final step in which we negotiate your terms and when you will be starting.
Other issues regarding the Hiring process
· People with disabilities and descendants of national merit will be given preference during the recruitment process in accordance with the pertinent laws and regulations.
Additional information
· If there is reason to believe that you have provided false information relating to your application, your offer of employment will be revoked.
· Please keep in mind that multiple applications to different positions are not allowed for a smooth recruitment process.
· Job openings may close earlier than the deadline if an appropriate candidate has been recruited.
· All interviews will be held as one-on-one or panel interviews and will take up to one hour.
· All new employees will take part in the Win Together Program during onboarding. For details, please refer to HOW WE WORK > Win Together Program.
   - Your remuneration and benefits are not affected during the program.
   - If your final evaluation results do not meet our qualifications, your offer of employment may be revoked.